• Monday 16th September 2019
    3AM EST - Marathon stream - Qualifying round ALL Divisions

  • Tuesday 17th September 2019
    3PM EST - Qualifying round MASTER Division - City of Lights!

  • Wednesday 18th September 2019
    4AM EST - Qualifying round Pro+Expert Division - City of Lights!

  • Thursday 19th September 2019
    6AM EST - Opening round PRO+EXPERT - City of Lights!

  • Friday 20th September 2019
    4AM EST - Opening round MASTER - City of Lights!

  • Saturday 21st September 2019
    No Stream

  • Sunday 22nd September 2019
    3PM EST - Master Weekend round - City of Lights Tournament


Playthroughs - ALL Division - City of Lights Tournament

Tournament page updated with the most recent playthroughs for all the divisions.


Textguides - City of Lights Tournament

Textguides and Clubguides are now added to the Tournament page for the City of Lights Tournament.


PRO & EXPERT & MASTER - City of Lights

Videos added for ALL the divisions. Also updated Parc De Paris on Tour 11 to more up to date videos. Find them on the tournament page and the Tour 11 page.


Tour 5 & Tour 10

Updated Tour 5 to include Parc De Paris and Drumore Links. Tour 10 has now the Nordic Fjords instead of the Drumore Links. Guides for the Nordic Fjords will be up soon.


Nordic Fjords

Hole guides with Elevation are added to the Tour 10 page.


ROOKIE - City of Lights Tournament

Hole guides and playthrough are now added to the tournament page.


Golden Shot!

Golden shot has been added. You can now find the textguide for the Golden shot on the Golden Shot page.


Playthroughs - Celtic Cup Tournament

All playthroughs has been added to the tournament page.


Textguides - Celtic Cup Tournament

Textguides are now added to the tournament page.


Drumore Links & Celtic Cup Tournament

Guides are uploaded on the tournament page and also for Tour 5 and Tour 10. You can click on the picture to make the picture bigger.


Golden Shot!

Guides for Hard and Medium are added to the Golden Shot page.


Playthroughs - Coastal Classic

Playthroughs for all divisions with the tournament wind are added to the tournament page.


Textguides - Coastal Classic

Textguides are now added to the tournament page for the Coastal Classic Tournament.


Coastal Classic - Guides

Hole guides and playthroughs are added for Rookie, hole guides are added for Pro and Expert. More content will be added soon..


Elevation Guide

My first elevation guide is out on the Youtube channel. https://youtu.be/vu2oS68vwFI


Golden Shot!

Guides for Medium and Hard has been added on the Golden Shot page.


Ulimate Text Guide Patreon Package

Our updated tournament text guides are better than ever! We have received a ton of feedback from users stating how much they love the new layout and added features. If you would like to find out what you’re missing, follow the link to Patreon and sign up for The Ultimate Text Guide package. www.patreon.com/golfclashtommy


Playthroughs - ALL Division

You can find them all on the tournament page for the Great Outdoors Tournament.


Textguides - Great Outdoors

Textguides for the Great outdoors Tournament are now added to the tournament page.


ROOKIE - Great Outdoors Tournament!

The videos for Rookie division for the Great Outodoors tournament are uploaded on the tournament page.


PRO & EXPERT - Great Outdoors

Videos and playthrough for Pro and Expert are added to the tournament page.


Golden Shot!

Golden Shot for Hard and Medium has now been added.


Summer Major Playthroughs

Rookie, Pro and Expert are done. You can find them on the tourney page.


Updates Acacia Reserve

Acacia Reserve has now been added to Tour 4, 9 and 11. Summer Major content has been opened up which you can find on the tournament page.


Playthrough UPDATE

Playthroughs with Tournament wind is now on the Tournament page for the Glenmonarch 9 Hole Cup.


Updated Text Guides

πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ Updated Text Guides πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ Let us guide you to successful tournament results. Updated Text guides for the Glenmonarch 9-Hole Cup are now being developed. We will have them ready to send out tomorrow between 12pm EST and 3pm EST, at the latest. If your interested in receiving the guides, you can sign up at www.patreon.com/golfclashtommy


Textguides 9 Hole Cup

Now added to the IMGUR link on the tournament page. Click on it and you will get to the folder.


Glenmonarch 9 Hole Cup

Guides for Rookie division has been added.


Glenmonarch Text Guides

We are currently working on text guides for the 9 hole mini tourney! They will be completed and posted soon! Thank you for your patience!



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